For the businesses to purchase a Channel Package

  • A onetime $499 fee
  • Change content anytime by uploading it to members services
  • Get a 30 to 60 second company video valued at $500
  • Video is yours to be use on other platforms
  • Great for companies with no website
  • Can upload podcast to your channel
  • Every time your channel is viewed by a member it post to the activity wall

About Channels

BizCbook also offer our channel package to small businesses as a stand-alone package which includes verification of the company.  Unlike traditional social media posts, where your message gets lost in the feed, our Biz C Book Platform Channels provide organization, easy retrieval, and an archive because content will be found under their respective category or topic. Channels is an All in One Place: Combines blogging, vlogging, & podcasting.  We load your newly created video on your channel that comes with the package.  When anyone clicks on your business channel it displays a post on the activity wall for every business to see, which gives the business free advertisement to millions of businesses on our app.  Companies can change the content at any time by contacting our members services department.
Channels have the capability to host different multi-media options like text, images, video, audio and PDFs. This keeps users within the app rather than referring them to external applications like Youtube or iTunes and avoids confusion.  It is like having your own business website within our app with no monthly fees and your business control the content.

Channel Package Membership Form

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