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We are a membership-based global business platform that verifies every company that becomes a paid member of our platform.  Our goal is to provide confidence to members on our platform that you can do business in the emerging markets and around the world without the fear of knowing if a business is legitimate or not.  The main benefit of being a paid member on BizCbook platform is your business is verified for every member around the world to see that you are verified. There a many other benefits of being a Member.  Please see the membership page to see the full benefits of being a member on the BizCbook social media platform.

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  • Get credibility your business deserve
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BizCbook VIP Black Card

Our VIP Black Debit Cards are unique in the prepaid card market because they are made of metal and they do not have all of the fees that normally come with prepaid cards. Instead, our card comes with just a small annual fee.  Our card is offered to Gold and Platinum Members, but for Pre-Launch we are offering the one VIP Black Debit Card to Silver Members.  The first 500 members that sign up will receive a Black Debit Card with there Silver Membership.  The card allows you to travel the world without exposing your business and personal bank accounts and we replace lost cards for free.  If you are in emerging markets there is no need to travel with cash, just load your card and your card can be used anywhere in the world.