We Connect Your Business To The World

Global Business Exchange We Connect Your Business To The World

We are a membership-based global business social media platform that verifies every company that becomes a paid member of our platform.  Free members can sign up and post their products and services but are not verified members until they become a paid member.   Our goal is to provide confidence to members on our platform so that members can do business in emerging markets around the world without the fear of knowing if a business is legitimate or not.

Member Services

If a Verified Member cannot find a product or service on BizCbook platform, no worries our member service department can source the product or service for you.If members need to market their product or products in another market our member services sales department can find a trade partner for you. We are launching in fourteen countries, USA, Mexico Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. We have businesses from 28 countries on our platform now and we are projected to have our platform launched in over 150 countries within the next two years.

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BizCbook Global Business

BizCbook is a social media business platform that allows companies to market their products or services globally. Our paid verified members can connect in real-time with other verified businesses.

Business Verification

Our platform has embedded technology that can verify 330 Million plus businesses worldwide in over 80 countries in real-time. This gives every paid business member the peace of mind that every business member listed is a legitimate business.Virtually all unbanked adults live in the developing world and a lot of them have businesses. Indeed, nearly half live in just seven developing economies: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan. BizCbook can verify digital identities and businesses in all seven of these countries — and in every other country where unbanked adults live. As the business-to-business market grows, serving every size of company from solopreneurs to micro merchants to global enterprises, so does the need for due diligence.
How can you make sure that the companies you are onboarding are legitimate ventures and not false fronts for corruption, fraud and money laundering?
Automated business verification is the way to go. Our embedded digital identity network can handle all the complexities of verifying businesses small and large. BizCbook technology can connect to hundreds of registries, data sources and verification services, giving us quick and transparent results.

Platform Advantage

Free Members can post their products or services into our activity wall for free. They can display their profile for other business members to view. Members can direct message another member through bizCbook chat feature regarding their products or services. Our platform gives businesses instant credibility globally being listed as a verified business. Paid members have a channel on BizCbook app which allows the business member to display their complete profile and the member also receive a company video that BizCbook create for free. The member control their content and it can be changed at any time. The members business is listed in Places which is a business directory. One main difference of social media business platforms is when a member posts their product on our activity wall it is displayed to every member in every country. On most social media platforms when a post is done it is only displayed to the people you are connected to and the social media platform then request you to pay a fee to reach more people. With BizCbook your post is global and does not cost you as a member any fees for global access. Which is a huge advantage of being a member on our platform.

Global Business Exchange​

We Connect Your Business To The World
Benefits Of ​Our Business to Business Social Media Platform : The main benefit is your business is verified for every member around the world to see that you are verified.

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