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Clients globally are excited about becoming a verified member of BizCbook and increase their business worldwide.

Deepak Jaisinghani , CEO - Solairex International Holding Inc.

"BizCbook is the optimum business platform that allows us to provide solutions where needed and to effectively grow and expand our operations in the African Subcontinent. ”

Princess Raphael, CEO - Bella Da Rose Nig. LTD.

"Bella Da Rose is particularly excited about the BizCbook platform as it presents a unique opportunity for Nigerian businesses to interact with U.S. counterparts and offer them a chance to actively participate in otherwise restricted forms."

​Philip Barker, CEO

Sardonyx Investments Ltd. ​

Ghana and Africa as a whole have been waiting for a solution to this age-old problem for a long time and we thank BizCbook for bringing the solution at last for us.


​Greg Davids,CEO


Our Company relies on doing business with many companies around the world, including the United States. We endorse BIZBOOK and see this platform as a more direct way to connect with international companies in Africa and around the world.